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Our extensive green product range is created to reduce the impact on our environment. When you see the distinctive green symbol you can be assured that the product is consciously created with ecologically friendly raw materials.

ECO Sealers
 Rapid Cure
Rapid Cure

5L & 15L

  • High beading and fast drying effect
  • Rapid penetration
  • Provides an invisible water & oil repellent surface
  • Allows substrate to breathe
  • For internal and external use

Penetrating Sealer
Penetrating Sealer

5L & 15L

  • Durable & transparent surface treatment
  • Superior water and oil repellence
  • Excellent anti stain properties
  • Easy to clean treated surfaces
  • Ideal and safe for food preparation and serving areas

Pre Shield
Pre Shield

5L & 20L

  • Suitable for pre sealing before laying the tile
  • Excellent as a grout release
  • Durable penetrating treatment for porous surfaces
  • Easy and quick to apply solution
  • Minimal VOC

RS2000 Premium Penetrating Sealer
RS2000 Premium Penetrating Sealer

200L & 1000L

  • Industrial / Commercial grade sealer
  • Ideal for larger areas such as car parks, concrete drive ways, retaining walls, brickworks or any other porous surfaces
  • Good depth of penetration and long lasting
  • Helps prevent mould and mildew
  • Reduction of salt blooming
  • Provides good adhesion for paints
  • Low VOC certified

ECO Cleaners
Neutral Bright
Neutral Bright

5L & 20L

  • Gentle and safe cleaner ideal for sealed and unsealed surfaces
  • Phosphate free neutral cleaner
  • Leaves no residue or streaks
  • Will not dull or etch polished surfaces
  • Can be used to help maintain newly sealed areas
  • Citrus fragrance